Service area checking WP plugin & API

Filter out the customers that fall within your service area. Stop wasting time dealing with enquiries from customers who fall outside of your service area. Automatically let your customers know whether they are in your service area or not! WordPress plugin and API available for free.

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I appreciate that you want to use my services. But you live 348 miles away. Stop wasting everybody's time and learn how to use Google.

Chris, Not a real plumber

Stop wasting time with our of area leads

Filter out enquiries that fall outside of your service area

So your website is generating leads and enquiries, that’s great! But hang on a second. Some of these leads are in a different county. And you’ve just spent half an hour putting together an estimate for them. There’s got to be a better way…

And there is! Introducing Service Area WIZARD. Filter out any enquiries that are out of your service area before wasting time dealing with them!

It’s so simple. Set your business postcode and a radius. Any enquiries for postcodes that fall outside of your radius are marked as out of area. All enquiries that fall within the radius are marked as in area!

Built for developers AND non developers. Test out both integrations below!

Free WordPress Plugin

Contact form with built in service area checking

Our free WordPress plugin puts a contact form on your website. This contact form has service area checking built in.

On form submission, 2 emails are sent. One to the business, and one to the potential customer. The business email contains details of the customer enquiry. As well as details about whether the customer postcode / zip code is in your business service area or not. It will also tell you how far their postcode / zip code is away from your business postcode / zip code.

The customer will receive an auto responder email, acknowleging that the business has received their enquiry. This email will also notify the customer as to whether they are in your business service area.

Try it for yourself. Enter some details into the contact form to see what emails are sent to the business and customer!

Test out the WordPress plugin

Powered by Service Area WIZARD

REST API for developers

Simply send a POST request with your API key, the country, the radius, and the postcodes you wish to check. Try it for yourself. Change the values and see what response you get.


headers: {
    Authorization: 'Bearer ' + '<your-api-key>'

    country: ""
    origin: ""
    destination: ""

// Click "Send test" to see response...

Service Area WIZARD has upgraded

A new level of service area checking

Service Area WIZARD has upgraded! The previous free integration was a simple text input that would let the user know if their postcode / zip code was in or out of a service area. This was fine, however realistically it was not very useful. For a service area check to be useful it needs to be attached to a contact form. So when a user submits their details and postcode we can perform the check then.

With the previous integration we were relying on website users to check their postcode themselves, then make the decision as to whether or not they were going to submit an enquiry. The website owner had no clue whether they were in the service area or not.

The new integration is in the form of a contact form. Create your free account now to download the free WordPress plugin.

Service Area WIZARD contact form WP plugin

Frequently asked questions

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What countries does Service Area WIZARD work in?
Currently works for UK postcodes, US Zip codes and Australian postcodes
Do I need to be a developer to use Service Area WIZARD?
No, you do not need to be a developer to use Service Area WIZARD. Simply use one of our pre-built integrations and you are good to go! We do have a great API for developers to use though.
Can I create a custom integration?
Yes you can create a custom integration. Our Rest API allows you to do this by sending a simple POST request.
Is Service Area WIZARD really free?
Yes, Service Area WIZARD is a free service! We use it for clients and they love it!
Who is Service Area WIZARD suitable for?
Service Area WIZARD is suitable for anyone who has a business that has a service area. Examples include trades people like plumbers and electricians, or restaurants that provide delivery.
John Simeone

Running a cleaning business, so much of my time was wasted responding to enquiries that fell outside of our service area. That's why I built Service Area WIZARD! Now anyone can easily put service area checking on their website.

John Simeone
Founder, Service Area WIZARD